4 Great Wellness Tips From Grandmothers


This story was originally posted on wellandgood.com

1.Follow a diet that makes you feel good—not whatever the latest fad is

“My grandmother Lorraine Fried Gelula passed away just before Thanksgiving. She was 97. Her father was from Hungary and a butcher, so she thought it was hysterical that I didn’t eat meat. She was a woman who took propriety very seriously.” —Melisse Gelula, chief content officer and co-founder

2.When you feel sick, assume lion pose

“Whenever I had a sore throat, my grandma would tell me to gargle with warm salt water, and then to ‘do the lion.’ The Lion is a pose where you stick out your chest, open your throat and jaw as wide as possible, stick out your tongue as far as you can, spread your fingers out wide and hold them up by your face. That last part of the pose is just to make it fun. The whole point is to get blood to your face, chest, and throat to accelerate healing. I’ve always found that it really does help open up the passageways to clear mucus and postnasal drip!” —Ryan Brady, marketing and events coordinator

3. Put that avocado shell to good use

“My grandma used to make a genius snack with avocados—which in New Orleans they called ‘alligator pears’. She’d chop it in half, drizzle a little olive oil, add salt and pepper, and mash it all up in the shell. Then, she’d wrap it up and send my dad out with it in his backpack. It was basically avocado toast without the toast—vintage ketogenic foods FTW!” —Erin Hanafy, articles and special projects editor

4. Keep your mind—and body—active

“Both of my grandmas are thriving and one thing they’ve taught me is to exercise every day. Even after two knee replacements, my grandma still walks and stretches every day, and my nonnie loves to dance and swim. She even took tap dancing classes through her 80s and taught me how to polka for my wedding! They both exercise their minds, too. My grandma starts every day with a cryptoquote and is very active with board games—Scrabble is a family favorite. My nonnie has gone through so many hardships, but always comes out on top because she has such amazing mental strength, a strong sense of faith, and dedication to her family.” —Casey Stadulis, senior account executive