4 More Great Wellness Tips From Grandmothers


This story was originally posted on wellandgood.com

Use a DIY herbal wintergreen mix to soothe sore muscles

“Instead of using Icy Hot or Vicks, my grandma had her own Spanish DIY remedy to relieve aches and sore muscles—or to ease cold symptoms. She made it using yerba buena (mint leaves), wintergreen rubbing alcohol, rue herb, and agua Florida, AKA Florida water (a cologne that has citrus and herbal notes along with spicy and floral undertones). You make it by emptying out a little more than one-third of the wintergreen rubbing alcohol, adding all the other ingredients to it, and letting it sit for 24 hours. To use it, just wet a wash cloth with the herbal mix and rub it on your skin.” —Celine Cortes, audience development associate

Go for a walk post-meal to help you digest better

“My nonna bought her fruit and vegetables every day at the farmers’ market—or, whenever possible, would go to a farm in rural New Jersey to pick it out herself. In the kitchen, she always washed and then soaked the veggies in lemon water before cooking. Being from Italy, she only cooked with olive oil. And after every meal, she would take a walk to help with digestion.” —Felicia Czochanski, editorial intern

Know your sex partners

“My grandma talking to me about sex is pretty hard to forget. Her advice: Have your sex partners checked, and on that note, have just one partner.” —Ella Dove, video producer

True beauty comes from the inside

“The best wellness tip my grandma taught me is that beauty comes from the inside, out—not the other way around. If you nourish your body with healthy foods and treat yourself and others with dignity and respect, that’s when you’ll feel your best and be your most radiant self.” —Amanda Steiger, executive associate