4 Self-Care Tips For Any Age


You’re never too young or old to make the time to take care of yourself. Time should be set aside for this just like anything else you take seriously. Here are five easy and simple ways to practice self-care that will leave you more active, feeling better about yourself and perhaps even make your wallet a little heavier!

Create a positive mindset for yourself: Thinking positively about yourself and your goals will have a significant impact on them. Don’t be critical of yourself and think that it might be impossible or too hard. Making excuses and justifying reasons why you cannot do something will be your enemy, so be honest with yourself and what you want to accomplish.

Build a workout schedule: A schedule for your week will make your life so much easier and will take a huge burden off of your shoulders. As a college student, I understand that time management, as well as organization, are not things we excel at sometimes.

Get yourself a planner or a dry-erase board and organize your time into different slots. This helps you stick to commitments and have set times for you to get your tasks done.

Meal prep: Sacrifice the hour you spend mindlessly scrolling on Facebook or Twitter, watching Youtube videos, etc. and prep your meals for the week by cooking in bulk and storing them in Tupperware!

Include a healthy starch like brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, etc. and then add a protein of your choice (any meat or plant based protein) and then any of your favorite veggies. There are countless combinations that you can put together and it will help when you’re feeling lazy about making dinner.

Find a workout buddy: Probably the simplest of them all, but easily the most effective, is finding a workout partner or buddy to support you through your workouts. Buddies can motivate you when you’re feeling lazy about getting yourself to the gym and can also make you feel less alone in your journey to better yourself.