5 More Diet And Food Myths


Too Many Carbs Make You Gain Weight

Poor carbs, they really do get a bad rep. It’s been suggested for years that a high carb intake will result in weight gain, so best bet for dropping pounds was always to keep intake low.

However, in reality too much of anything – protein, carbs, or fats – will contribute towards weight gain if it makes you overshoot your total calorie needs.

As such, it’s too many overall calories which will cause weight gain, not too many carbs.

Breakfast is a must for weight-loss

We’ve all heard that to lose weight we should eat Breakfast, but truth is it holds no real benefit over not eating breakfast.

Remember, the key to weight loss is energy balance, so regardless of whether we eat Breakfast or not, if we eat too many total calories across a day, we won’t lose weight.

It’s not enough to look at a single factor of our day when we are considering weight loss, we really need to look at the full picture.

Zero carb is the best diet for weight-loss

Zero carb diets do suit some people better, but there’s nothing magical about them.

When they work, they succeed in achieving weight loss through the same basic method as any other diet- by creating a negative calorie balance.

Considerable weight loss during the early stage of a zero carb diet is often because the body drops water weight (carbs make the body hold water).

However, as soon as they are reintroduced, much of that water weight is gained back. Expect a sudden increase on the scales!

You can’t gain weight eating ‘healthy’ food

Short and sweet, a calorie is still a calorie.

You could eat nothing but avocado, quinoa, grass-fed beef and chia seeds, but if you manage to pack away 5000 calories-worth, you will still likely gain weight.

Weight loss or weight gain ultimately boils down to the total number of calories eaten versus the total number burnt – if you take in too many, regardless of what foods they come from, you won’t see the weight loss you want.

Avoid fruit to help with weight-loss, there’s too much sugar in it

Too much fruit can make you gain weight, but only in the same way that too much of any food can make you gain weight if it causes you to eat too many calories.

Sugar is just a carb, and carbs contain 4 calories per gram, so from a calorie perspective, it’s no more “fattening” than any other carb.

Fruit is a great source of vitamins and fibre, and so long as you don’t consume too many calories from it, eating it won’t lead to weight gain.