5 More Nutrition Tips From Tennis Star Johanna Konta


The US Open Tennis Championships run from Aug. 28-Sept. 10, and World No. 7 Johanna Konta dispenses five more tips for people of all athletic abilities to get the most of their nutrition – and even indulge a bit!

1. Choose healthy snacks on the go

“I am a big fan of bananas and fruit in general. My favourite fruit are passion fruit and cherries, hands down. Probably followed closely by watermelon – nothing beats cold watermelon on a hot day.

“I think a big thing for me is making sure I am hydrated well when I am travelling too. That has always been my biggest challenge.”

2. Eat light and early to aid digestion

“Depending on what I have planned in training in the afternoon, I want to make sure I have something light for lunch which I can digest reasonably quickly so I am ready for that next training session. I prefer eating earlier in the evening too so I can digest the food better.”

3. Experiment at home

“I love being at home too because I can cook, so during Wimbledon and Eastbourne I got to eat a lot of home cooking. I am still finding my way in the kitchen but if I were to have a dinner party I know I can make some really good roast potatoes.

“Obviously that’s not enough to feed a dinner party so I am still working on adding things to my repertoire. But I am enjoying my time in the kitchen and enjoying experimenting. Now I am away again I am on hiatus but I will get back to it when I’m home.”

4. Expand your baking powers

“I only just started baking muffins at Wimbledon as it was the first time I had stayed long enough in my flat to use the oven, so currently my recipes are limited. Really it is just one recipe and I have added different ingredients! But I am sure at some point I will get to the stage where I get more experimental and branch outside the muffin world.”

5. It is okay to treat yourself

“I love pizza so I enjoy getting myself some pizza sometimes. But I do love my gelato. Those two things are my favourite treats. And maybe a burger now and again.”