5 Tips For Coders And Designers

Coders And Designers

It may be lucrative and liberating to be a freelance computer programmer or designer in 2017, but that freedom doesn’t come without its drawbacks. Long hours of sitting and staring at a bright screen can take a major toll on the body and mind. Add on top of that the sometimes all too common bad eating habits and you have a major cause for alert when it comes to your health.

With clients emailing you and requesting skype meetings every other hour and family begging for quality time, you can quickly feel stressed and pushed beyond your limits.

Here are five tips for coders and designers to stay healthy and fit:

Find The Right App

There are many apps out there that promote work life balance. Use one!

Sync the qapital app with an app called Moves. Moves is an app that automatically records any walking, cycling, or running you do. Once the two apps are connected, you will be able to pay yourself for physical activity. For instance, set an app rule for yourself in qapital that pays $2 for every 3 miles you walk or move. The savings can then be added to any of the goals you create in the app. You can create a vacation goal, a debt payoff goal, or any goal that you can imagine for that matter. You can save in many different ways beyond fitness too. There’s also an option that allows you to save the change towards your goal every time you spend something. For example if you spend $21.20 at the store, you would save $0.80 towards one of your goals. Understand that this isn’t new income or revenue generated from the sky. This is your own money being redistributed back to you so that you save more than you can save using the common habits of manually transferring or depositing funds into your savings account.

Sit Less, Stand More

Increased sitting can lead to poor health. Think about it, we as humans are upright for a reason. Sitting too much can ultimately lead to kidney disease depending on other lifestyle factors.

Go For A Walk

This is an easy one because you can easily step outside for 15-30 minutes to walk around your neighborhood to check the post box or grab a bite to eat. You could even just go on a walk with some music to clear your mind.

Drink Water, Eat Clean

Drinking plenty of water can improve your skin, boost your immune system, flush out toxins, and so much more. Eating clean goes without saying. The list of healthy options are too many to count. Just remember that you are eating for your body and your mind.

Take Vacations

Too few of us take vacations when we deserve them. Sometimes you need to turn off and step away into paradise. A vacation reduces stress, promotes better sleep and productivity, & best of all, it makes you smarter! That’s right, multiple studies have shown that when the brain is relaxed, it focuses on mundane but necessary tasks,

Remember, you must efficiently run yourself before you can efficiently run your business.

Money isn’t everything. Stand up and live a little.