6 Self-Care Tips From Wellness Experts

This blog was originally posted on PopSugar.

Turn On Some Music
Here’s something you can do right this second: turn on some music! “Whenever I need to de-stress, I’ll put on some loud music and dance around my house with my son,” said Elaine Hayes, Pilates master teacher and founder of MNT Studio. “Music is such a powerful tool and can completely reset your mood.” Put on a happy playlist and shake out the bad mood.

Don’t Skip Dessert
“Sometimes, you should eat a little more dessert.” Believe it or not, this tip comes from a dietitian. Lori Zanini, RD, CDE, told POPSUGAR, “So much advice we see is about not caving to cravings, but no one food should always be off limits.” AMEN! “I’ve found that when we have this ‘all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle’ mentality, we are actually less like to overeat and we end up enjoying our meals so much more!” You heard her — go get that brownie.

Cook a Nourishing Meal
When she’s not training clients, running her business, or working out on her own, movement coach and injury prevention specialist Liz Letchford, MS, ATC, says she is “spending the time to make myself a healthy meal nourishes both my body and my mind.” She told us that “cooking is very meditative; I like to slow down and enjoy every second of the meal prep.”

Roll It Out
She’ll kick your butt in the gym, but she’s the queen of recovery days. Liz is known to always have her set of massage therapy balls on hand for an impromptu fascia release session. “Rolling on my yoga balls allows me to recover before my next workout, address any tight muscles, and spend some much needed downtime with myself.” She’s a tough trainer, but she recommends all her clients get adequate rest and recover properly — it’s a huge part of self-care.

Get a Massage or Bodywork
Whether you head to a swanky spa, go for a quick session at a Massage Envy, order an on-demand Zeel massage at your house, or do a little self-massaging, this is a great way to take care of your body. Yogi and meditation coach Ericka Montana loves getting a “Tui Na massage [a Chinese style of massage] with cupping to relieve stagnation, energize the body, and recover from injury.”

Have a Self-Care Power Hour
And put it on your calendar! Lisa Eberly-Mastela, RD, MPH, told us that she does this “at least one to two times per week.” She schedules a little relaxation time (it’s actually in her Google calendar); if you have a hard time giving yourself a breather and are constantly buried in meetings, this is genius!

“I go somewhere relaxing — if my husband is home, it’s a quiet coffee shop; if he’s not, it’s a big cozy chair in our house,” she said. “I get something delicious (aka a chocolate croissant from our local bakery), bring my Kindle and avocado oil (stay with me), and spend at least one full hour reading for pleasure while eating a croissant and massaging my own hands, arms, neck, or feet with avocado oil — no phones allowed, yoga pants only.” Sounds like a dream date.