7 More Great Self-Care Tips From Wellness Experts

This blog was originally posted on PopSugar.

Health and wellness coach Caroline Jordan is always on social media for her business, but her favorite self-care tactic is to disconnect. “Setting boundaries with my phone, aka no phone zones,” she said, describing her best feel-better tactic. “Giving myself set times per day to unplug and be fully present, whether it’s for writing, a bubble bath, or coffee with a friend.” We could all use a little bit of that, no?

Come Back to Your Breath
Therapist and coach Heidi Ligouri MC, LPC, NCC, has a very yogic approach to self-care: take some deep breaths. “The basics for me always start with the breath,” she said. “Finding a quiet space either within my home or out in nature to ground myself and reconnect with my breath is always my starting place.” Pause for a moment right now and close your eyes to take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

“To me, this is the way back home to my truth and finding the resources I need to create the next moment in my life. There are many practices that can unfold from this space, but this is where it starts for me.”

“My favorite self-care practice I try to do daily is meditation for 10-20 minutes — which can also includes reading and reflecting,” said yoga teacher, acupuncturist, and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Magnolia Ng, D.C, CCSP, L.Ac. “This gets my mind ready to tackle anything the day brings and I don’t feel overwhelmed. Also, it helps me compartmentalize my daily tasks and activities better.”

Diffuse Oils
Liz also suggests turning on a diffuser for some aromatherapy. “Using my essential oil diffuser makes my office feel like a spa and my otherwise ordinary day feel indulgent.”

Take a Yin Yoga Class
Coming back to Heidi’s yoga-centric, breathing-focused approach, she suggested “taking a yin yoga class,” to unwind, slow down, and come back to your center. The slow, gentle flow will help you get back in touch with your body while you quiet your mind.

Indulge in a Comforting Dish
Another suggestion from Lori: make yourself a comfort food. “It got its name for a reason!” she said. “When I’m not feeling my best, I always find myself making one of my Southern mom’s favorite comfort-food recipes. Warm casseroles with veggies, oatmeal, and pasta dishes are both nourishing to my soul and body, so I enjoy when I’m needing a pick-me-up and recommend my clients do the same.”

In addition to meditating, Dr. Magnolia loves “exercise or some kind of active movement daily.” She told POPSUGAR, “Movement is so important for the body, and it doesn’t have to be strenuous; it’s whatever I feel like that day, whether it be swimming, yoga, or weightlifting.” Keep it simple, but get your blood flowing and body moving.