8 Tips For Healthy Living From A 95-Year-Old

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From stuff.co.nz

Even at 95 years old, you can still be healthy and thriving. New Zealand resident Joy Chappell, who recently celebrated the big 9-5, offers eight tips to continue living a healthy lifestyle at any age.

Have a positive outlook: “I think the outlook we have is a big part of it. If I ever have any aches or pains I think ‘o well they’ll go away’, and they do.”

Exercise regularly at any age: “I exercise once a week at the Get Fit class held at my retirement village. Up until recently I had a mini trampoline in my bedroom and most mornings I’d get out of bed and jump on it to get the blood flowing.”

Avoid alcohol: “I have never drunk spirits in my life and don’t really drink any other kind of alcohol, I have no desire for it. A lot of people I know drink alcohol at night and I don’t think that’s great for your health.”

Don’t over-eat: “I stop eating when I feel full.” It’s the simplest way to maintain weight, she says.

Eat a healthy breakfast: “I have porridge every morning with a seed mix and turmeric sprinkled over top and i’ll have some fruit too.”

Stay hydrated: “I drink a lot of water. There’s always a glass beside my bed.”

Keep your brain active: Chappell enjoys Scrabble and looks forward to playing with her friend several times a week. She also plays Sudoku.

Take supplements where needed: “I take fish oil and calcium capsules daily and sometimes I’ll have a spoonful of molasses or cod liver oil if I’m feeling under the weather.”