8 Ways To Relax And De-Stress


Re-read a favorite book

New books are wonderful, but there’s something comforting about that old favourite that you can just keep coming back to. The familiarity of the story, and the fact you don’t need to concentrate hard on a story you already know will let you relax completely.

Light a favorite candle

There’s a lot to be said for what a favorite scent can do for our minds. Something as simple as lighting a favorite candle is a great way to care for yourself, even when you’re busy.

Go for a walk

If you tend to drive everywhere, you’re probably not getting the exercise and fresh air, and mental slow-down that a walk can give you. Either go for a leisurely stroll, or walk on your next trip to get bread (if possible). It’s excellent for both your physical and mental health.

Color in or write a journal

Writing in a journal can be very cathartic, and coloring in can help take your mind away from any problems you might be worrying about.

Buy yourself some flowers

A beautiful, bright bunch of flowers can brighten up anyone’s mood. don’t wait for someone else to buy them for you though; treat yourself instead!

Sit in the sunshine

In winter especially, we can tend to stay huddled up inside and never see the sun. This can lead to a drop in our vitamin D levels, which can have a real impact on our moods. If the sun is shining, take your cup of tea and sit outside, making the most of it.

Turn off your phone for a few hours

It’s easy not to notice the stress that constantly being connected causes us, but switching off your phone for a few hours will open up your eyes to just how much difference it makes. The world can live without you for a couple of hours.

Treat yourself

Whether it’s buying a new perfume or lipstick, or getting your favorite dessert, we all deserve a treat from time to time.