About Us

Our Mission


Supportive Care Matters helps people living with illness or aging align their values and lifestyles with their medical treatment, resulting in better quality of life.


Patients’ Goals Guide Care

True Person Centered Care is the new normal for consumers like us. Person centered care means we are engaged and participating fully in our health care, working with our doctors, getting help from our families and community and making decisions that align our treatment with our lifestyle, values and goals. We know how to participate, how to talk to our doctors and how to access the family and community support we need.


  1. Empower people to identify what health and life values and goals are important to them by:
  • Providing tools and resources that help people clarify what is important with regard to their care, functionality and comfort
  • Teaching people how to convert these values into personal health goals
  • Showing people how to communicate these goals to doctors and caregivers to co-create   care and treatments that honor them
  1. Increase consumer awareness and access to supportive care services, which will in turn improve patient outcomes.

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