Dealing With Chronic Illness Symptoms? Use These 5 Ways To Stay Stane

cheering woman open arms to sunrise

Dealing with a chronic illness every minute of every day of every year can drive a person insane. It’s important to find ways to relieve stress and anxiety, as it’ll increase your sense of fulfillment as well as your quality of life. Some of these tips may be familiar to you and some may be new (but worth a try!).

Here are some tips to help you stay sane when dealing with a chronic illness.

Get creative: Knit, crochet, paint, draw, play an instrument—whatever you’re able to do. Perhaps you could even get together with a group and take turns teaching a skill to the others. It would not only be fun, but you might develop a new hobby you really enjoy.

Take pride in your appearance: Wear something pretty like a scarf or jewelry, put on some makeup and just get out of your pajamas and sweats. These simple things may help to improve your outlook and how you feel about yourself.

Get outside: Even if it’s just for a few minutes, look at the sky, breathe in fresh air, take a walk in the rain. If you’re unable to get outside, perhaps someone could bring you something to enjoy such as seashells or flowers, Having something to enjoy from nature can mentally transport you there.

Stay hydrated: Some of the meds patients take can increase dry mouth and/or dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Drink out of something you can refill during the day. There are also smartphone apps that will remind you to drink water, or you can set an alarm on your phone.

Take a break: When you’re vacationing or spending holidays and other special events with families and friends, remember to take time out to lay down or take naps when necessary. Watch a favorite show or practice meditation or deep breathing when your energy is running low.