‘Happy Days’ Actress Erin Moran Dies From Throat Cancer

Erin Moran

The husband of Happy Days star Erin Moran confirmed that the actress passed away from aggressive throat cancer on April 22. She was 56 years old.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Steve Fleischmann said that the cancer spread rapidly within just a few months. The couple became aware there was something wrong with Moran last November.

“Erin woke up and had about a dime size blood stain on her pillowcase. She said ‘I think i bit my tongue.’ A couple days go by and there’s a bigger spot of blood,” he wrote. “We get like four days into December, there’s more blood. I get a flashlight and say let me look. It was not her tongue. It was her tonsil on the left side. I thought it was tonsillitis.

After consulting an EMT for a biopsy, they received the grave news.

“It came back squamous cell carcinoma. She started radiation and chemo. Five days a week radiation and chemo only on Thursdays. We did that the whole time. It got so bad so fast. By the middle of February, Erin could no longer speak or eat or drink,” he wrote. “She had a feeding tube implant and I fed her six to eight times a day. She was still happy, she was active, she texted people on her phone all day. On the 21st she was having trouble breathing. She woke up on the 22nd, she was not 100%.”

Fleischmann also used the Facebook post to call for an end to any tabloid speculation that Moran’s death was caused by drug or alcohol abuse. Moran’s Happy Days co-star, Scott Baio, had previously insinuated substance abuse was the cause of death during a radio interview before the cause of death was revealed.