Alec Baldwin Discusses Lyme Disease Battle

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin opened up about suffering from Lyme Disease while speaking at the Bay Area Lyme Foundation LymeAide benefit.

The actor said, at one point, he thought he was going to die from the disease, according to People magazine. Baldwin said he believed he had the disease before he was even officially diagnosed with it.

The Saturday Night Live star said he was first bit about 17 years ago, and got a shot after that. He was bit again a few years later.

According to USA Today, Baldwin had been bit by a deer tick.

“I got the classic Lyme disease (symptoms) for each successive summer, for five years, every August, like this black lung, flu-like symptoms, sweating to death in my bed,” Baldwin said. “The first round (was the worst), and then it diminished, at least that’s how I perceived it.”

“The first time was the worst of all,” he added. “And I really thought this is it, I’m not going to live. I was alone, I wasn’t married at the time, I was divorced from my first wife. I was lying in bed saying, ‘I’m going to die of Lyme disease,’ in my bed and ‘I hope someone finds me and I’m not here for too long.’ ”

Baldwin said because of what he experienced, he and his wife Hilaria consistently check their children for tick bites.

“I want my kids to grow up riding horses and bikes and enjoying themselves every day and not have to spend every day with us going over them with a magnifying glass to make sure they don’t have any ticks on their body or their dogs, but that is part of the lifestyle of where I live,” he said.

Baldwin’s remarks came after Bay Area Lyme Foundation Executive Director Linda Giampa said she had been trying to get the actor to share his story with people for years, and even after he agreed to do it last year, it almost looked like he was going to have to back out, People magazine noted.

“We had already sold out the event for 350 people on that night when I was told. I asked if he would do it the next night and he graciously agreed,” Giampa said. “I think he just felt the time was right to talk about it.”

This comes several years after Baldwin first spoke of his experience with Lyme disease in a 2011 interview with The New York Times.

That was the last time the actor spoke about the disease publicly until now.

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