Actress Marlee Matlin Celebrates 30 Years Clean And Sober

Marlee Matlin

Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin is celebrating 30 years sober.

The deaf entertainer tweeted a photo posing with her 30-year medallion from Alcoholics Anonymous. She thanked her family for their support and said she “cannot imagine my life” without her sobriety.

Matlin received treatment for her drug addiction through supportive care at the world-renowned Betty Ford Center in 1987. She explained in her 2009 memoir that she was in treatment when she found out she had been nominated for Best Actress for her role in the 1986 film Children of a Lesser God.

“[My interpreter] Jack asked me over the phone: ‘What do you want to say?’ The press wants an answer,” she told Larry King Live during an interview on his then-CNN program. “The counselors were looking at me. I couldn’t say anything. So I said, ‘I’ll scream later.’”

She credits the treatment center with saving her life and tweeted after the former First Lady passed away in 2011, “She & Betty Ford Center helped me beat my addiction & she was an angel to many.”

The actress wrote in her memoir that she has “been given an extraordinary life thus far, and I am nowhere close to done with it. The dark secrets that I kept locked away in my heart for all those many years are now out in the open. Today, I can face those old wounds. I know they cannot defeat me—the drugs, the babysitter, the actor, the deafness and the rest. I am stronger than all of it.”