Amanda Seyfried Talks Overcoming Panic Attacks

Amanda Seyfried

It is very easy to assume from the outside that all celebrities lead happy, perfect lives but the reality is often very different. In fact, they are just as likely to suffer with poor mental health as us normal folk. While once upon time this topic was hush hush, thanks to a number of stars – from Prince Harry to Cara Delevigne – speaking out about it is no longer taboo.

The latest A-lister to open up about her mental health is actress Amanda Seyfried. Speaking on Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast, the new mom spoke honestly about how she suffered with debiliating panic attacks when she starred in in 2015’s off-Broadway show The Way We Get By alongside her now husband, Thomas Sadoski.

“I started having panic attacks every six or seven shows. It feels like you’re going to die. It feels like you need to leave the stage. I would act through them, and I would just connect with Tommy. And he would always be aware of it. He would recognise that thousand yard stare,” Seyfried explained.

Seyfried told Dr Berlin that having Sadoski there helped her through the difficult time.

“He would bring me back and the lines would keep flowing but my whole body would be cold and I’d be sweating at the same time.”

For Seyfried, this was the first time she had ever experienced panic attacks, and she acknowledged it was performing in the front of a live audience that was the trigger.

“It would only last 60 seconds and then I’d get through it. It would pass on stage in front of everybody. There’s no way [the audience] would know, just Tommy and my mom,” Seyfried said.

Seyfried admitted that in front of the camera was where she felt most comfortable.

“Up until The Way We Get By, I just didn’t have the energy to fight my fears,” she said. “Because the fear is just too much.”