Craig Ferguson Celebrates 25 Years Of Sobriety

Comedian and former Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson took to Twitter to celebrate his 25th anniversary of sobriety.

On February 18, Ferguson wrote, “I’m 25 years sober today and anyone who knew me back then would tell you how impossible that is. Thanks for the miracle.”

He has long been open about his former drug use and admitted that it nearly cost him his life. Ferguson’s drug of choice was alcohol, although he admitted using cocaine regularly because it increased his ability to drink.

In a 2007 Late Late Show monologue that went viral, Ferguson recalled waking up on Christmas morning covered in urine and deciding to end his own life after an all-night drinking binge. Before executing his plan, he had drinks with a bartender friend and ultimately forgot about what he was intending to do.

“The alcohol saved my life. I was self-medicating. I needed alcohol,” he said.

Months after that Christmas day, Ferguson reached out to another friend for help. He briefly detailed entering a less than glamorous rehab before wrapping up the monologue with a word of advice.

“I have found that the only way I can deal with [alcoholism] is to find other people who have similar experiences and talk to them,” he said in a clear reference to Alcoholics Anonymous. “It doesn’t cost anything. And they’re very easy to find. They’re very near the front of the telephone book. Good luck.”