CVS Slashes Price Of EpiPen Auto Injectors


Good news for those who require life-saving EpiPens to quell severe allegeric reactions: CVS Health has slashed the cost of substitute EpiPen auto-injectors to their lowest price in eight years.

CVS Pharmacies used to sell two-packs of authorized generic Adrenaclick auto-injectors for roughly $200, but STAT reported they are now going for $109.99. That price is available for anyone who purchases the product on-site. Patients who are commercially insured can receive $100 off the reduced price via a manufacturing coupon, which could see them pay as little as $9.99

However, the price reduction doesn’t apply to a wide range of other EpiPen products. Generic EpiPens are selling for about $340 and brand EpiPens will cost a steep $650. Manufacturing coupons aren’t available for all of these products.

A spokesperson for CVS Health confirmed that the price drop was motivated by customers angry with the high price of epinephrine auto-injectors. However, the announcement comes just one day after President-elect Donald Trump said that the government needs more power to be able to negotiate drug prices, declaring that pharmaceutical companies are getting away with murder.