Ivanka Trump’s Former Health Coach Shares Wellness Tips

Ivanks Trump

Some of the world’s most powerful figures like Ivanka Trump are turning to health coaches in a bid to boost their lifestyle.

Maria Marlowe, who previously worked with Ivanka, said she decided to become a health coach after realizing a change in her diet helped cure a laundry list of chronic ailments she had been suffering with. She empowers her clients with knowledge to make better lifestyle choices, such as leading them on a guided grocery store tour, and eventually learn how to improve their health independently.

“The personal coaching was never a long-term thing,” she explained to ack.net. “The thing about health coaches is we want people to make their own decisions, so once you know how to eat healthily and what choices to make, you don’t need someone there all the time. I think (Ivanka) has a pretty good handle on her healthy eating habits.”

Marlowe was full of praise for Ivanka and said that “it’s important that we see positive influences, including those in the spotlight, who work hard to also balance work and family with an emphasis on staying healthy.” She also hopes that Melania Trump will carry on some of the same health-related initiatives that Michelle Obama did while serving as First Lady.

“I would love to see a “let’s eat real food” campaign that would highlight and teach people how to make vegetables taste good and include them in their diet more regularly, no matter what their budget or how busy their life is,” she said. “If the vast majority of Americans were consuming adequate amounts of produce, I think we would see a huge shift in the health of our nation – less obesity, less chronic illness, and lower health-care costs. I know it sounds so simple, but the results of that switch can be profound.”

Of course, Donald Trump’s frequent Twitter posts that show him surrounded by fast food mean he may not join in the trend anytime soon. But if he ever decides to, Marlower said a few simple lifestyle choices can drastically improve anyone’s overall health.

“There are three pieces of advice that I give everyone. No. 1 is eating more vegetables. Just making your plate 50 percent vegetables at every meal can improve your health. Also, drinking adequate water,” she said. “And the third thing is reducing sugar. We know refined sugar isn’t great for us. It’s linked to chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and this laundry list of health problems.”