Mercy Me Frontman Pens Hit Song About Son’s Chronic Illness

Bart Millard

The lead singer of MercyMe, Bart Millard, has revealed that the band’s current hit song “Even If” is about his son’s lifelong battle with diabetes.

“The song ‘Even If’ is incredibly special to me,” Millard wrote on the band’s Facebook page on Wednesday. He then went on to share the full story behind MercyMe’s No. 1 Christian singles chart hit, “Even If,” the first single off of their latest album LIFER.

“My son, Sam, is 15 years old, and he’s been a diabetic since he was 2. When you’re a parent of a child with any kind of chronic illness, these things don’t go away. You have a lot of good days, but some days you feel like you’re losing bad. I was in the midst of one of those bad days when ‘Even If’ was written.” he wrote.

Millard’s son, Sam, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was a toddler, so in 2007 the loving father founded the nonprofit organization, Imagine A Cure, to help fund research to find a cure for the disease.

On MercyMe’s website, Millard asks for support and prayers, stating that his son’s disease has changed his family’s life forever.

“Pray for the hearts and minds of the scientists and doctors trying to find a cure. Pray for everyone who is experiencing this terrible disease first hand. Pray that God finds greater glory through a cure and that God be glorified through Sam’s life.”

Millard’s testimony is already resonating with others with their song, “Even If.” The single from LIFER has been MercyMe’s most-added song of the band’s 23-year career.