New York Times Runs Full-Page Ad On Ibogaine Benefits


Ibogaine is getting red carpet treatment in the New York Times, with the iconic newspaper devoting a full-page letter to President Donald Trump on how the plant could combat the opioid epidemic.

The letter was composed by Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, founder of the “Your Mind Has Rights” movement, and Pat Baker, an activist for using plant medicine to help treat addiction. Zapolin’s movement also calls for the use of both plant medicine and psychedelics to help individuals more easily go inside their own mind to access answers to difficult questions and heal themselves.

“We want to point out to President Trump that the opiate epidemic is as important as the Economy, and Terrorism, since it affects every family in America,” said Zapolin in a press release. Baker added that “we don’t blame anyone for not knowing about Ibogaine, but we need to use the knowledge we have about its efficacy to move quickly, given that so many people are suffering.”

Their joint letter urges Trump to make America’s ongoing opiate addiction and overdose epidemic a “First 100 Days” issue while in office. Noting that Trump lost his brother to alcoholism, they wrote that he “knows the agonizing pain of watching a loved one die from this disease” and the effect it has on families.

“You have the power to change all of this right now using a natural plant that has been shown for decades to be safe, clinically proven, and very cost effective. A single dose of the plant medicine Ibogaine has been proven to break the addiction to opiates, cocaine, and alcohol, and is safe when done with proper medical oversight,” they wrote. Adding that patients in numerous countries worldwide have reported the  benefits in Ibogaine, they added that “continuing to keep it from people who suffer from dependence to heroin, methadone and suboxone is the equivalent of “Modern Day Slavery.”