Responsible Opioid Users Speaking Out With #OpioidAwareness

As opioid abuse continues to rise throughout the U.S., those are who using these medications responsibly and as prescribed by their doctor to treat chronic pain are starting to feel the effects of negative stigma.

With several recent stories showing parents passed out from opioid overdoses, in some cases with their young children in the car, there is an increasingly false perception that anyone who uses opioids is a drug abuser. But using prescribed codeine for chronic pain is not the same as using heroin illegally.

The hashtag #OpioidAwareness is allowing people who use opioids to manage chronic pain to speak out about their positive experiences with these drugs. By doing so, they’re fighting the stigma against opioid users and showing that these medications, when used properly and with doctor supervision, can greatly reduce debilitating symptoms and improve one’s overall quality of life.

Below are some of the best recent tweets utilizing the new hashtag.

@hcorini: I’m not ashamed to speak up about benefits of pain meds on my quality of life! I & others deserve adequate pain management. #OpioidAwareness

@mollyschreiber: Opioids are not our first choice. I have a brace for every body part, a freezer full of ice bags, topicals, TENS, etc #ra #OpioidAwareness

@kmitchellauthor: Without opioids, I wouldn’t have finished my degree in 4 years because it took 2.5 years to be on a working #RA treatment. #OpioidAwareness

@AnneTurner: With them, I have as close to a normal life as I can hope for. This seems to be lost in the current opioid debate. #OpioidAwareness