Soccer Star Saul Niguez Opens Up On Kidney Disorder

Saul Niguez

Atletico Madrid midfielder Saul Niguez said he risked his health by playing for two years with a severe kidney problem that left him urinating blood in every game and training session.

Saul, 22, was hospitalised in February 2015 after receiving an accidental kick in the stomach during a soccer match.

He suffered kidney trauma with internal bleeding as a result and was sidelined for 39 days before seeming to make a full recovery and playing regularly for Atletico from then on.

However, Saul told Antena 3 that going back to play at Leverkusen in this season’s Champions League round of 16 had brought back memories of how difficult it had been to recover from the problem.

“For two years I was playing with a catheter inside [tube to empty the bladder],” Saul said. “In every training session and every game I urinated blood. It was pretty bad, something difficult that people do not know or understand. I was risking my health to put on the club colors, to chase the dream.

“I remember everything about the injury — how I felt, how many times I vomited, being on the stretcher. Scoring the goal back there [against Leverkusen] was a huge liberation and emotion for me. I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. “