Study Shows Nuts Can Help Reduce Risk Of Chronic Disease


Lowering your risk of developing certain chronic diseases could be as simple as opening a jar of nuts.

The new findings were published in the journal BMC Medicine. International researchers collected data from 29 studies on nuts that included a total of 800,000 participants.

They found that those who ate a handful (roughly 20 grams) of any type of nuts per day had lower rates of heart disease (30%), cancer (15%) and dying prematurely (22%) than those who did not. These nut enthusiasts also had a lower risk of diabetes (40%) and a nearly 50% reduced risk of dying from respiratory illnesses. Both men and women enjoyed these benefits equally.

Although this is the first study to correlate nuts with a reduced risk of developing chronic disease, their health benefits have been widely documented. Numerous studies have shown the healthier fats found in them can lower the risk of heart disease, while the antioxidants in nuts can also fight damage to cells that trigger cancer.

However, the scientists noted that upping one’s intake of nuts to lower the risk of chronic diseases only works up to a point. Those who ate more than 20 grams of nuts per day didn’t show any additional benefits.