Ted Cruz Slammed For Comment On Multiple Sclerosis

Whoops! Ted Cruz has come under fire for twice “congratulating” a woman living with multiple sclerosis.

During a healthcare debate last week with Bernie Sanders at CNN’s town hall, Cruz answered a question from a woman in the audience who lives with MS. Before addressing her inquiry, he told her, “Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on dealing with MS. It’s a terrible disease and congratulations on your struggles dealing with it.”

The response sparked an intense backlash on social media. One Twitter user wrote, “Congratulations Ted Cruz on your struggle with being a human being,” while user Sarah Jones tweeted “I don’t know a single person with a chronic illness who wants to be congratulated for living with it.”

Several jokes were also posted around Cruz’s blunder, with Jeff Lindy writing, “I don’t know, my Crohn’s-gratulations trophies look pretty awesome on my mantle.”