#The27Percent Goes Viral, Highlights Health Insurance Concerns


People across the country with pre-existing conditions are highlighting their insurance struggles with a new hashtag that quickly started trending on Twitter.

Atul Gawande, M.D., executive director of Ariadne Labs, addressed the potential issue of 52 million Americans potentially losing healthcare coverage if the pre-existing condition mandates of the Affordable Care Act are repealed and they have to reapply. Under the current guidelines, no one with a pre-existing condition may be turned away for health insurance.

Utilizing the hashtag #the27percent, Gawande tweeted: “My son: One of ‪#the27percent under 65 w/ pre-existing conditions making them uninsurable in nongroup market w/o ACA.” Thousands of Americans joined in on the trending hashtag, sharing their own pre-existing conditions and health insurance concerns.

“I hadn’t intended to start anything with this,” said Gawande to Stat. “But I guess what I hope and expect is that we can continue to make clear the names and faces and voices that this policy effects.”

Below are some of the most powerful tweets including the hashtag.

@UppityCancerP: I am one of ‪#the27Percent. Metastatic ‪#breastcancer definitely pre existing condition. Without protection of ACA, I’d die broke & on streets

@Julieb42: W/ insurance, I am almost symptom-free & on my way to finishing med school. W/out I would be filing for disability. ‪#the27percent

@eschles: had Hodgkin lymphoma, and need survivorship care, like scans and anxiety meds. I’d be uninsurable without ACA #the27percent

@SarahatSLAR: I’m one of ‪#the27percent: Hodgkin’s disease at age 23. Been in remission for almost 15 yrs but still uninsurable without ACA.

@VSouza_STL: I’m one of ‪#the27percent. I’m 36 years old & was diagnosed w/ Multiple Sclerosis in 2007, @ age 27. I rely on ‪#ACA to live.