TV Star Tia Mowry Opens Up On Her Chronic Conditions


Sister, Sister actress Tia Mowry is busy with the upcoming release of her new cookbook, which she revealed is partially inspired by her battle with chronic conditions.

Mowry, 39, is set to release her first cookbook Whole New You. The actress, currently in the middle of the third season of her Cooking Channel show Tia Mowry at Home, admitted that she has lived with both eczema and endometriosis, the latter of which causes inflammation in the body. Mowry said her diet has played an integral role in managing her conditions.

“A lot of times what we eat can either exacerbate conditions we have or make certain conditions dormant. So, a lot of the meals I have in my cookbook are made with ingredients that do not cause inflammation in the body,” she told Parade. “These recipes are substitutions for comfort foods, so you’re not missing out. I was on this detox for a year trying to get pregnant and after this detox, I ended up getting pregnant right away and my doctor said it was because of my diet. So instead of having pizza, I would have cauliflower crust pizza, but it was still incredibly good.”

Mowry’s eczema condition is genetic, with her mom suffering from it as well. Her flare-ups, which include a rash or peeling hands, are typically triggered by stress. She’s learned how to adjust her lifestyle when necessary over the years and discovered a few simple tips for keeping her skin in top shape.

“First of all, we always focus on the outside and we forget about the inside and that means taking care of you,” said Mowry. “Number one, make sure you eat well. Eczema is inflammation with the skin, so sometimes it’s about choosing the right foods to eat to prevent flare ups. Not only that, drinking lots and lots of water. The biggest organ in your body is your skin and you constantly have to hydrate your skin.”