Why Your Laptop Could Be Causing Chronic Back Pain


You may not associate your laptop with chronic back pain, but poor posture while working on one during long flights can exacerbate your pain symptoms.

Being in the middle seat of a plane poses enough challenges as is, but not being able to fully open your laptop and working from odd angles only makes these issues worse. It often leads to you being forced to hunch over, putting strain on your neck and back while potentially creating repetitive stress injuries.

Luckily, the five simple solutions below can help put you back into alignment on flights and allow you to continue working both productively and safely.

1)Keep your hands, wrists, and forearms in line and parallel to the floor and your head level or slightly bent forward

2) Keep your feet flat on the floor and focus on keeping your neck and back upright (not slouched).

3) Take frequent stretching breaks. Booking an aisle seat when possible will allow you to take a walk down the aisle.

4) Bring pillows. A lumbar pillow to wedge between your lower back and the plane seat will help keep your back upright and not hunched over.

5) If you regularly work on airplanes, consider purchasing a portable laptop stand that sits under the computer and props it up to a more ergonomically friendly angle.