Woman Shares How Her Chronic Pain Led To New Career Path


After 25 years in the finance world, the chronic pain a Swedish woman experienced caused her to completely change her career for what she views as a more positive experience.

Faith Clements worked in international corporate finance, making a four-hour commute daily from the Swedish countryside to Copenhagen for work. But when chronic back issues kicked in and the stress of her job made it worse, she realized she had to do something to address it.

“I took a comprehensive Pilates education to find a solution, as my condition was rapidly declining,” she said to The Local. “I needed to understand the science of anatomy and the practical application of movement to better manage my own condition.”

But as she began to master Pilates and gain a better sense of her own body, her chronic back pain made it impossible to continue her rigorous commute to her finance job. Luckily, the knowledge she had gained put her in a position to help others. Utilizing her in-home Pilates studio, she set up Limhamn Pilates Förening, a non-profit rganization with a mission she describes as “bringing wellness through movement to the local community”.

Clements is even teaming up the charity We Act Sweden to help bring Pilates to immigrants who have suffered trauma and extreme stress. She has begun to travel around the country with her work and feels that, perhaps ironically, the chronic pain she worried would debilitate her has given her life more movement and purpose.

“Progressing my own physical rehabilitation required a tremendous amount of patience, determination and a strong desire to be well. It also gave me the eyes and knowledge to see and work with physical dysfunction in others,” she said. “From extreme adversity, to the personal rewards of now helping people towards improved health. It has been a real journey of inspiration.”