WWE Wrestler Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka Receiving Palliative Care


Former WWE superstar Jimmy “Superbly” Snuka is now receiving palliative care treatments as he resides at a Florida hospice for terminal cancer.

Snuka is currently facing third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges stemming from the 1983 death of his mistress, Nancy Argentino, which he didn’t receive until September 2015 following a grand county jury investigation. Judge Kelly Banach previously ruled on June 1 that Snuka is not competent to stand trial for the charges due to mental health woes that include dementia and psychosis.

Lehighvalleylive.com reported that his wife, Carole, told a Lehigh County Judge last week that the 73-year-old is currently receiving morphine and other drugs to make him “medically comfortable” at a Florida care center. A psychologist for the professional wrestler also confirmed that Jimmy suffers from chronic pain in his knees and legs, and is feeling the effects of multiple concussions from his days in the ring, currently leaving him a “shell of a man.” His attorney, Robert Kirwan, told the court that Jimmy may die in the next six months if his condition doesn’t improve.

Jimmy, who participated in his hearing from Florida via video conferencing, said he couldn’t remember whether he voted in the recent presidential election and didn’t know which candidate won.

Prosectors asked Banach last August to either send the wrestler into inpatient treatment or dismiss the murder charge against him. Banach told the court last week that she will review his medical records over the past six months and issue a decision later.

Snuka was one of 53 wrestlers who filed a class-action lawsuit against the WWE last July, claiming that the organization failed to properly care for them and that their neglect caused a litany of chronic ailments including depression, migraines and fatigue. Snuka alleged that in-ring injuries led to him suffering from chronic headaches and dizziness.