Nine Reasons It’s Great To Be Sober For The Holidays

It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holidays, but don’t despair. There’s actually a ton to be grateful for when you’re sober this time of year. For example:

1. It’s cheaper. Use that extra cash you saved—12 bucks for a six pack here, 40-50 bucks a pop on cocktails at the bar there, 30 on a bottle of wine or sangria at the meal—and put it towards gifts. Whether those are for other people or yourself is up to you. No judgements.

2. You know you won’t say a single thing you’ll regret at the work, family, friends holiday party, and you won’t embarrass yourself either. Well, unless you’re prone to faux pas anyway. But that beats not remembering what that faux pas was and immediately having to come up with a plan for damage control.

3. It can be really, really amusing to watch other people start to act goofy or uninhibited while you’ve got all your tact…intact. Not in a mean way! It’s just nice to be in control and feel just a bit more confident nailing that casual lean under the mistletoe without actually needing the wall to steady yourself.

4. Hello, Christmas Morning and New Year’s Day! No, I do not have a hangover! It’s never too early for presents or brunch, so let’s do this!

5. You can come and go as you please and likely not get arrested for it, or risk your life or the lives of others in the process. You’re helping keep yourself and others safe, and also, you’re able to make a gracious exit without breaking the law whenever you’re ready to leave.

6. Add to that the fact that everyone loves a designated driver. If you choose to deliver folks home in your horsepowered sleigh, keep that tiny favor card in your pocket to play at a later time, or just enjoy the fact that you got to take care of the people you love and possibly save lives. Your call.

7. If there are kids in your family, you can connect with them without feeling guilty or like you have something to hide. You can be a genuine role model and be the “cool insert-family-member-here” by focusing all of your fun loving attention on them, or being the person they choose to actually talk to about how things are going in their lives during a mid-meal break.

8. When you’re in control, you tend to look your best, emotionally and physically. That means minimal runny eyeliner or mascara in photos or lipstick all over your snow-colored blouse. This goes for the men, too. That shirt is dry clean! If you’re sweating, it’s a quick and easy touch up. Even if you’re laughing that genuine laugh-so-hard-you’re-crying, it’s touch-up-able. Chances are you’ll also catch lipstick on your teeth, your nose, and avoid getting it anywhere near your friend’s significant other.

9. No scary surprises: you won’t find yourself scrolling through your phone the next day, slapping yourself on the forehead reading last night’s texts, or, even worse, fishing through bank charges, receipts, and texts or calls playing detective to figure out where you went and what you did.