Plan For A Hospital Visit: Talk To Loved Ones About These 7 Items

This article was originally posted on JustCare

Few of us think about preparing in advance for a hospital visit, for someone we love, let alone ourselves. But, eventually, most of us will make a visit as a caregiver or a patient. Talking to the people you love about their needs while they are in relatively good health can ease the stress and reduce the costs of these hospital stays, particularly in emergencies. Here are seven important ways to prepare:

1. Complete a health care proxy and make sure the person you choose as your proxy has a copy or knows where it is and that your doctor has a copy as well. The health care proxy is a written document that gives someone you trust the ability to speak on your behalf if you are unable to speak for yourself. Talk to your loved ones about the kind of care they want.

2. Ask a family member or someone else you trust to be your health care buddy and accompany you to the hospital and stay with you. A second set of eyes and ears can be critical to your well-being.

3. Make a list of your medications and your doctors. You should keep the list in your phone or your wallet and share the list with your health care proxy and family members.

4. Decide which ambulance company will be called if needed. Make sure you have the phone number of a Medicare-certified ambulance company on hand or, if you have commercial insurance, insurance from a private health plan, the name and number of an in-network ambulance company.

5. Decide which hospital you want to use. Make sure the hospital is in your network and that it gets a good rating for patient safety. Talk to your doctor about your choice.

6. Make sure you know what to bring with you to the hospital and what you should leave behind, such as valuables.

7. Before you leave the hospital, make sure you have a written discharge plan, along with a phone contact at the hospital, schedule a follow-up appointment, and make a list of any new medications.