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Addresses basic needs such as food and housing, health and wellness resources, and life management skills.  They also provide social, cultural, and educational activities to alleviate isolation and to foster interaction between the young and the elderly. Operates a number of programs including friendly visiting, shop and escort, holiday package delivery, kosher meals for the homebound, support of caregivers, and homelessness prevention. DOROT serves older adults in Manhattan from 59th to 125 streets on the West side and from 14th street to 96th street on the East side, also seniors living in Westchester County. Their teleconference education programs can be accessed nationwide.

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Mission is to provide the world with high quality, free yoga online. We provide a safe place for you to learn how to do yoga, feel better and maybe even experience something transformative.

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Educational Alliance

Programs for all ages. For older adults there are numerous educational and social services to get them active. They have centers all around the borough of Manhattan. Depending on the location of the center the activities and events might be free of charge or with a membership.

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Eldercare Locator

A public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging that connects older Americans and their caregivers with information on senior services such as government benefits, support organizations, geriatric doctors and nursing homes.

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Encore provides a community where older adults can share and support each other through their life experiences. Many times our seniors are stuck at home because they may feel like they have no one to talk to or nowhere to go. Encore could help them get out of their home and be part of something again.

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End Of Life Choices, NY

End of Life Choices, New York, through leadership, advocacy, education and counseling, seeks to expand choice at the end of life and improve the quality of care for New Yorkers, ensuring that their values and wishes are respected.

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Family and Medical Leave Act

Whether you are unable to work because of your own health condition, you need take care of close family with an illness, or you are welcoming a new child to your family, the Family and Medical Leave Act provides unpaid leave without fear of job loss for eligible employees. The United States Department of Labor provides fact sheets, online interactive tools, FMLA forms and more.

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