Senior Triathlon Runner Gives Healthy Aging Tips

Lincoln Murdoch

Lincoln Murdoch is a 60-year-old Nebraska native who has competed in nearly 200 triathlons and also gives lectures on healthy aging. A runner since college, Murdoch started competing in triathlons at 37. By his early 40s, he started getting injured so he changed up his workouts to accommodate his aging body.

Murdoch recently provided the following tips for those looking to get active:

-Consult a doctor before starting any activities.

-Find something you enjoy doing, like a walking program or lifting heavy cans of vegetables.

-Find a group of friends to be active with. Friends provide a social component, encouragement and accountability.

-Make sure to stretch and include strength or resistance work.

-Watch your diet and keep extra weight off. Extra weight can cause joint problems.

-If you’re recovering from an injury, consult a physical therapist or personal trainer to adjust your workout.

-For those who already are active, Murdoch advises to “train smarter, not harder.”