Tennis Star Johanna Konta Dispenses Nutrition Tips


Ahead of the US Open, British tennis star and 2017 Wimbledon semi-finalist Johanna Konta tells Mark Bailey about her energising daily nutrition plan – from the power of goat’s milk yoghurt to the joy of cold watermelon

1. Start your day with eggs

“I am a big fan of eggs so I usually have eggs in different forms for breakfast. I sometimes make an omelette at home and when I am away I often have poached eggs. I make sure I get enough of a carb intake so I have bagels and some fruit as well.

“I like to have fruit with goat’s milk yogurt – I prefer it to cow’s milk yogurt because it feels a bit lighter for me.”

2. Develop a healthy strategy

“I was brought up to have good food habits so I am always looking to make good choices every day. I am always aware of what I am putting into my body and what I am going to get out of it in terms of energy or recovery. But also I know everything is okay in moderation.”

3. Tick all the major food groups

“I always try to eat a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner so I have enough of each food group. For lunch I might have fish or some chicken and pair that with rice and a salad or some vegetables. Dinner is a similar mix of protein, carbs and vegetables and salad.”

4. Select the right supplements

“I am a big fan of trying to be as natural as possible so I try to get most of my nutrition through food. But for supplements I make sure I get my omegas and probiotics as well as some zinc, magnesium and vitamin C, so I stay healthy and recover well.

“I have a protein shake after a match and I make sure I get my food in reasonably quickly. I stagger my meals because when I come off court I am not hungry straight away. It is easier to have a protein shake because liquid goes down easier and then I make sure I eat every half an hour to an hour – even if it is just some sushi – before I am ready for dinner.”

5. Find quality restaurants when you’re away

“I still miss mum’s cooking when I am away a lot but we are reasonably fortunate that do we do have access to a lot of variety so I am never too deprived. Of all the tennis destinations we visit I love going to Rome – I love Italian food so I always enjoy my time there.

“I love the supermarket chain Whole Foods in the US so I spend a lot of time in there and I found a great Thai place in New York so I will revisit that too. And everyone knows I am a massive fan of Hunky Dory in Melbourne. I generally live there when I am playing at the Australian Open. I am basically family so I look forward to heading back there in January.”