The 5 Best Telehealth Services


Can’t make it out to see a doctor? You can still get the care you need.

Telehealth or telemedicine as it’s also called—video calling with doctors, email and text messaging, even Facebook messaging—is becoming the next big thing. In fact, one telehealth company, Teladoc, already has 15 million members.

The cost of a visit typically runs from $35 to $50, possibly more, depending on consultation time. Some services also charge a monthly subscription fee.

Here’s a sampling of telehealth services currently available. All of them allow you to see the doctor via a computer or mobile app.


Who you can see: A national network of over 3,000 health care providers, including physicians, psychologists, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists

What you’ll pay: Typically $40 or less per visit.

Services: Urgent care, behavioral health counseling, sexual health consultation, dermatology.

American Well

Who you can see: Physicians, including primary care, psychiatrists, psychologists and nutritionists.

What you’ll pay: $49 or less for urgent care; $79-$95 for an online therapy session; $200 for an initial visit with a psychiatrist

Services: Urgent care, online therapy, online psychiatry, nutritional counseling


Who you can see: Primary care physicians and psychologists

What you’ll pay: $25 to $100 per month , depending on which of three levels of service you choose, plus a per-visit fee

Services: Urgent care. If the doctor thinks you should see a specialist, they’ll provides a referral to one of more than 100 specialists.

MD Live

Who you can see: Primary-care physicians and specialists, such as psychiatrists with 15 years of practice experience on average, psychologists and masters-level behavioral health therapists

What you’ll pay: $49 or same as your co-pay per visit, no monthly fees

Services: Urgent care, behavioral therapy and counseling, and psychiatry

Doctor on Demand

Who you can see: Board-certified physicians, including primary care and pediatricians, psychiatrists and psychologists, dermatologists,

What you’ll pay: $49 per visit with MD: $79 per 25-minute psychologist session, $119 per 50 minute session; $229 for first visit with a psychiatrist and $99 for follow-up visit. Video visits may be covered by your health insurance.

Services: Primary care, mental health counseling, smoking cessation